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....Formerly Eyemagic Web Developers (1995-2003) ...                                           

lightandvariable, in association with Vita-Taylor Fine Art Photography occasionally considers proposals for web design, graphics, photoshop services, and complete website package development. We prefer to limit our projects to educational and non-profit enterprises, as well as commercial sites devoted to the arts and photography--galleries, museums, photographic slide-show presentations, school and travel sites, and other institutions needing quality presentations on the web.


We have been creating websites professionally since 1995, and offer all skills needed to develop your web presence from the ground up, according to your online needs.

Recent work:

Web presentation of the work of Maine fine art photographer, Fran Vita-Taylor, who has shown extensively in Portland, and elsewhere. Her work has recently been directed to the still life.
Site includes user-controlled slide shows of Ms. Vita-Taylor's work. (2008)

Big Pictures

Tour de force
photoshopped photocollages of enormous size, utilizing hundreds of individual photos integrated to produce photo "surreallegories", explorable by web zooming technology online.


A walk in Maine in
A slideshow of photographs of my neighborhood
in Maine: all taken on one 90-minute walk, before 11 am on November 2, 2010, and posted on the web the same day in the afternoon. An experiment in shameless photo-enhancement and really quick exhibition.

Walk Slideshow


The website of the Addison Woolley Gallery and Center for Photographic Inquiry - Portland, Maine (2008). Updated monthly.

Addison Woolley


Web documentation of a six-week course in writing and photography for young people at The Telling Room, a non-profit arts organization. The site incorporates 30 slideshow presentations of the students' photographic work, and was completed in "real-time", week-by-week. (2008)

  Former work:

Barridoff Galleries
Marriage Support
Robbie Ellis
Divorce Busting
Grey Flannel Collectibles
The Wentworth Inn

Kaytech Industries
Waynflete School
Fanfare Magazine

(small sample of more than 80 sites)   
We created the sites listed to the left during the decade of Eyemagic. Most of them have changed since we closed the company in late 2003, and some of them existed in other forms before our work on them. They are included here only to show the range of our experience.

Our fee is $60 per hour for all services, including, but not limited to: domain registration, server setup, planning site architecture and navigation, processing graphics and photos, coding html, designing pages, activating cgi functions and interactivity, setting up email, photoshopping, designing slideshows, writing and editing, designing logos and banners, setting up sales structure and shopping carts, updating pages, planning metatags and search-engine approach, inserting polls, questionaires, and feedback forms, online email response options, and researching site feature options.

If you have an idea for a creative web presentation, and would be more comfortable working with a single developer, then we may be the solution you are looking for. We develop sites online with password protection of the pages under construction for the client, who can provide feedback as the work progresses, via phone and email. We are happy to provide a running accounting of hours billed.

Email us at project@lightandvariable.com

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